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Brisbane Touch Championships

In an agreed restructure of our sport in Brisbane, Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association (BMTA) has agreed for Brisbane City Touch Association (BCTA) to run the Friday night competition (formally known as the SEQTL). This competition will now be known as the Brisbane Touch Championships.

The BCTA (Cobra's) Technical panel will be meeting in the next two weeks to research and discuss the needs of our customers for the up-coming Brisbane Touch Championships. There will be an opportunity for interested parties to provide feedback on how we should run this very successful event.

Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association should be commended for providing the elite touch community with a product that has been so successful for such a long time.

Brisbane champs will continue to provide a pathway for exciting new touch talent in the development of our regional teams.

Keep an eye open for more information regarding nominations and other administrative requirements, however; if in the meantime you can offer any feedback, please make yourself available when the Technical Panel calls for input.

Start training and bring on Friday nights!

Further information go to the right margin under SEQTL / Brisbane Champs


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