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Touch football is played with the aim of moving the ball towards the opponents' scoreline by running and passing the ball backwards to your teammates.

There are no tackles, instead, when an attacking player with the ball is touched by an opponent, they perform a roll-ball.

At the social-level, Touch is one of the cheapest team sports that you can play because all you need to play is a pair of shoes and a shirt!

7 Basic Rules

Let’s review the seven basic rules


  1. there are six players for each team on the field at a time. Though there can be up to 14 players on the team, with unlimited substitutions.

  2. You can only pass backwards.

  3. If you get touched with the ball, you have to put the ball on the ground and step over it.

  4. The person who collects the ball, known as the ‘dummy half’, should try to offload quickly because they’re not allowed to get touched or score. If they do, it’s a ‘changeover’ (the ball goes to the other team).

  5. The team that makes the touch has to get back seven metres before they can make another touch.

  6. After six touches to a team, there’s a changeover.

  7. The ball can’t touch the ground. If it does, it’s a changeover.

Need a little skills enhancement? Click here to watch some short videos. 

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